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I think I'm allergic to work.


For the last 2 days, I walk in the office and start sneezing. I have watery eyes. I have the runny/stuffy nose from hell. Once I go home....I'm fine.

Clearly this means I should work from home....forever.

It starts......

I'm doing it again.

Quitting smoking.

Why? Because they're making it even harder to smoke on campus. Last year UMD became a "no smoking" campus, and we all used the parking lot, and stood next to our own cars (I won't smoke in a non-moving car, ick).

Last week, they started patrolling the parking lots. Campus police talked to our little group, and told us we would have to smoke inside our vehicles, but also told us later on down the road they'll be monitoring that as well.

I'm annoyed about it, but I'm dealing with it. It's time to quit, I already had the Nicorette gum anyway.

Day 1...sucks.
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Attention morning people:

I don't understand you. I really just don't.

I'm also going to admit that I'm not trying to. I spend my morning waking up. I need coffee to accomplish this, and apparently you don't. I'm not saying it's a bad thing, but it's just a whole "Diff'rent strokes for diff'rent folks" type of thing.

For the ones I work with, we've talked about this at some point (in the afternoon, most likely, since that's when I'm good and coherent). Some of you get it, I can handle a "good morning" and then later in the morning we can chit chat. However, for some of you, this is some sort of fucked up challenge. In your mind you seem to think "I can just condition him to talk to me, I'm the exception to his rule", as if you're training a dog to shake hands and play dead.

No. You're not.

None of you are.

Stopping by my desk 10 minutes after I've arrived at work, and approximately 30 seconds after my first cup of coffee is similar to poking a cougar for fun. No, I don't know what I'm doing with my weekend, I'm still trying to figure out how I was able to get dressed this morning and get to my desk, because it's all a blur.

Before anyone suggests it, yes I've tried waking up earlier, and having coffee at home, and all that jazz. While helping slightly, it doesn't help enough to really make a habit out of it. I wake up, do my little morning routine, and then go right to work. I'm a creature of habit, and I've been doing that for YEARS.

Oh yeah.....good morning.


That's the only work I can use for the weather right now.


I got home last night, and even though I was tired, I parked the Honda, and put my boots on. It was time for snowblowing. As a much needed Christmas present, Scott and I got each other a snowblower (after we were dumped on by almost 2 feet, it was decided it was time). That thing rocks, 'nuf said.

I spent a good hour snowblowing, even making the path a little wider, and the driveway a little wider (someone complained he didn't have enough room to get out of his car, even though I had no problem and the Honda is wider, but I digress).

It looked....FANTASTIC.

Scott came home as I was finishing up. I was covered with snow because it was windy, but I was proud of how it looked.

Then it snowed again last night. Not a whole lot, mind you, but enough to make it hard to see that I did all that.

Gross, I tell you.....GROSS.

Yes, I live in MN, and I hate the weather, I'll be the first to admit this hardly makes me unique.
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What? LJ? You're still here?

It's so strange how you can read LJ every day, feel like you're paying attention, and then you realize, all you're doing is reading it.

It's so easy to do. Just read. It's like Facebook that way. You don't have to comment, you only have to log in, read some stuff, and then go back to what you're supposed to be doing (like work, since they're paying you to be there).

I'm not going to say "I'm going to post all the time now!", because let's face it, I won't. But, I am going to make a little effort over here to start posting on here some more. I love Facebook, but I still love LJ, because it's a little more personal. You can post a little more on LJ, and it doesn't have to be cryptic, as it seems a lot of stuff on facebook is. What actually reminded me that LJ is still here is that a couple people dropped me from their list, and someone added me, so it's time to start this up again.

Okay, so for the update-ish type of stuff.

Still with Scott, nothing new there.

Work has gone MUCH better this year, for the most part. I tried to get a raise, and higher job classification, and I technically got both, but both were so small it almost feels insignificant. Right now, I have my sanity, and AC and AB and I are all getting along (for the time being). My plan is to stick with this job until I decide on where I want to live next, or until a different job presents itself.

I've quit the hotel. I decided I was sick of not really having weekends to myself, and thought I would take a shot at not having that extra income. This is the first month and I'm doing okay with it. I still work at the bar on weekends, and I still proctor the ACT and other various tests given at the University.

It's strange having weekend hours open. Honestly. On Sunday mornings, I get to wake up and have coffee, read the paper, get laundry done, and I don't feel rushed because I just finished an 8 hour shift.

I've started to look for a hobby, and may have found one, but it's still in the beginning stages. Alex pointed out that if I don't get a hobby, I'll find another job, and I think she's right. I get bored easily, and when I do, I just find something else to occupy my time.

I think this update will do for now. Don't give up on me yet, kids, I'm really going to try and pay attention here.
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Can't I just smoke? It's more fun!

Day one of quitting smoking. This is the best day ever! /sarcasm

I know I need to quit, and gum is what worked for me before. Things aren't super stressful at work right now, and I know what my triggers are from the last time, so I'm feeling better prepared.


I would kick a baby to have a cigarette right now.

Small update....and stuff

So about 2 months ago, I decided I wanted a Blackberry. I was going to have to pay full price to get one. I wanted one for the following reasons:

1 - I HATED the touch screen on my LG Voyager. It was annoying and didn't really respond well to actually touching it.

2 - I like new gadgets.

3 - I love having a full keyboard, this was the one feature of my Voyager that I liked.

4 - I like new gadgets.

5 - I didn't want to consider an iPhone, even though everyone and their brother/sister/mother/father/illegitimate child told me that's what I MUST HAVE! I have an iPod Touch, and while I love it as an iPod, I wouldn't want that as a phone, because of the touch screen. I like buttons.

6 - I like new gadgets.

Sooooo....about a week ago, I finally told myself "No, you're not getting one" because I wasn't eligible for a discount, and I wasn't about to shell out $500 for one. The DAY I decided this, Scotty got an e-mail from Verizon telling him he was eligible....for the phone I wanted. In my mind, I said "fucker" and tried to let it go. We both got new phones at the same time, so I assumed he was getting the e-mail because he's been with Verizon longer than I have.

Yesterday....Verizon sent me an e-mail. I'm eligible.

Suck it bitches, I have a Blackberry now.

I'm the proud owner of a Blackberry 9630 Tour. I love it. I can use apps on it. REAL APPS, unlike my LG Voyager. Pandora? sure. Facebook? Definitely.

See you in a year when I'm able to put it down for more than 5 minutes.

Mad Men

I didn't really hear about the show "Mad Men" from anyone in particular. I noticed it won some awards, and wondered if it was worth a shot. So I decided to give it one.

Hi....I'm in love.

I love ALL the situations in this show. I love how it surprises me at every turn.

Example? Sure.

Child runs into room wearing plastic drycleaning bag. Head to toe. PLASTIC BAG. My reaction? I assume we're about to be taught a lesson about how they discovered the whole "children suffocate in plastic bags" principle.

What happened?

"Sally Draper, if that drycleaning is on the floor, you are going to be one sorry girl"

They do this all the time in the show, present situations that in this day and age, are COMPLETELY opposite reactions.

Driving drunk, drinking at work, smoking wherever they please, every married man seems to have affairs, the divorcee (the shock!) who lives down the street, the gay man who HAS to act straight.

I haven't even finished the first season yet.